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Damaging Windstorm Lashes UK and Northern Europe 

A significant wind event is ongoing across Ireland and the United Kingdom and will spread over northern Europe through Friday. The strongest winds on Thursday impacted Northern Ireland, Scotland and northern England where sustained winds of 65-80 kph (40-50 mph) were common.

Data accessed by Accuweather.com meteorologists show that wind gusts reached 183 kph (114 mph) at Aonach Mor in west Scotland. According to STV News in Scotland the wind reached 228 kph (142 mph) at the ski resort in Aonach Mor around 6 a.m., local time.

Wind gusts reached 111 kph (69 mph) in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Meanwhile, Tiree, Scotland, had a peak wind gust of 132 kph (82 mph). The winds resulted in many accidents involving lorries that were overturned by high winds, one of which resulted in the death of the driver.

Train service was suspended for several hours across the region due to the high winds. Airborne debris resulted in damage to the glass ceiling in Glasgow Central Station leading to an evacuation. More than 100,000 homes were left without power across Scotland according to STV News.

Although the worst of the storm was expected to bypass London, winds had increased Thursday afternoon with gusts over 60 kph (37 mph). Winds will diminish Thursday night across all of the United Kingdom.

Extreme winds caused havoc at an airport in Birmingham, England forcing multiple planes to abort landing at the last moment. (Video/Epsigo)

Meanwhile, these damaging winds will shift into the Netherlands, northern Germany and Denmark where they will continue into Friday. Winds across the region have already surpassed 80 kph (50 mph) with the worst of the storm expected Thursday night.

Sustained winds of 65 to 80 kph (40-50 mph) are expected along with gusts over 120 kph (75 mph). Isolated gusts over 145 kph (90 mph) can pound Denmark and northern Germany.

Winds of this magnitude will be capable of damaging roofs and buildings while also downing trees and power lines. Significant power outages are expected across the region.

On Friday, the strongest winds will prevail from southern Norway through Denmark, northern Germany and Poland. The winds on Friday are expected to be less intense than those through Thursday night; however, winds over 80 kph (50 mph) will be possible.

Weather following the storm will feature a shot of much colder air. Snow showers will be possible through Friday across Scotland and northern England. This cold air mass will create dangerous conditions for anyone who loses electricity for an extended period of time.

Another effect of this storm system will be the threat of coastal flooding which will be possible along the east coast of Scotland and England into Friday. The potential exists for some areas to experience the worst coastal flooding in decades.

The greatest threat for flooding in the United Kingdom will be along the northern shores of Kent where the strong northerly winds will cause water to pile up against the coastline.

Coastal areas from the Netherlands through northern Germany and Denmark will also be threatened by significant coastal flooding which could cause the worst flooding in decades. Waters could briefly rise several meters above normal levels during high tide.


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