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Why Sir Gale needs to do much better

I READ with interest Joanne Killeen’s letter about Barton Court Grammar school. I recall in the 1990s when Roger Gale MP, now a Sir, made similar disagreeable comments about Herne Bay High School and backed the closure of HBHS. Ironically, Sir’s plan with KCC was to turn HBHS into Barton Court Grammar School; the idea was to sell off Barton Court to developers and put the cash into Icelandic Bank – history demonstrates it was a disaster of an idea, not only for the schools but also banking! History shows that the politicians have learnt nothing, and we have to listen like schoolchildren to politicians, whose children often attend private schools, declaring they know what is best for us in the state education system that they want to manipulate at will. Sir Roger Gale MP made an unsubstantiated educational guess that Herne Bay would not object to his and KCC’s plans of the closure of HBHS but I looked at the history of HBHS and the geography of its position and decided it was worth saving, which I did. Fact is I secured the post of headmaster for Mr Danny O’Donavan after having to return to the school after my mother-in-law’s funeral at 7pm to ensure Mr O’Donavan got the headship. Soon it was to became a beacon of attraction, a “school of excellence”, then Roger Gale MP publicly came out and said HBHS was a brilliant school, after doing a complete 180-degree turnaround from his previous position. I suggest to Ms Killen that if we had a “politicians’ report card” for Sir Roger, his record of achievements would show a D… with continents like “needs to do more for his community”, “too much time spent on day dreaming”, “needs to pay more attention to detail” and “not copy from others, as generally they get it wrong end it shows up in his test paper”.

Ken Little,

Herne Bay Gazette, June 25th 2014

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