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We want our village to remain a village

I STRONGLY object to the proposed changes to weight restrictions for HGV traffic allowing traffic to further ruin our village and greatly increase the flow of heavy vehicles along Rough Common Road, the road is already overloaded collapsing due to the unchecked heavy flow of juggernauts, lorries, buses, car transporters, speeding traffic. Children and pets have been killed on this road, Kent County Council (KCC) does nothing to rectify. This is a village with an old people’s home and playgroup — a C road is not an extension of the motorway for speeding traffic unchecked by highways and local police. We insist that we have some sort of traffic calming sleeping policeman, pedestrian crossing, traffic lights as the continual flow of traffic which is already now unacceptable. KCC needs to take responsibility for its actions or lack of where money is concerned laying down cheap road surfaces, damaging cars and pedestrians from flying stone chips, dangerous uneven footpaths unchecked or repaired for over 30 years. Now KCC wants to allow even more heavy traffic to damage residents’ property, inflict more pain and stress on the local villagers, do not care about the health and safety of old people and children. Anything for a quick fix. We want our village to remain a village. Safe.

Christina Giles
By e-mail

Herne Bay Times, February 4th 2015

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