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We want housing AND jobs

“…Recent research conducted by IPSOS MORI (2012) found that local residents overwhelmingly wanted the council to help create new employment opportunities and support business development.” [Draft Local Plan 3.18]

“…The survey [MORI 20120] also reinforced the importance of local economic growth for local people. When asked about economic issues, the majority (69%) considered there to be insufficient employment opportunities in the area while a higher level (85%) said more should be done to help businesses set up in the area. The research also found many local people (68%) would support the building of new homes if it helped to create jobs by attracting people and businesses to the area.” [Draft Local Plan 3.28]

What residents said to the Council is that we want jobs and that we’ll support housing if it creates jobs. What we’re getting in the Plan is just housing and no strategy for creating jobs. 

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