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We do like to be beside the seaside, says museum

PrintNew name reflects town’s collections

A new look and name has been revealed for Herne Bay Museum. A bright, contemporary vision for the building and branding was showcased at a meeting of the new museum trust on March 27. David Cross, secretary of Friends of Herne Bay Museum, outlined plans for the “refreshed” museum and galleries.


He also showed the new name and branding — the Seaside Museum — and an image of how the museum may look. Mr Cross said:

“Feedback revealed that the museum has a very moribund image. The complaints were that the museum never changes, it is very dated, exhibitions are not as numerous and there are fewer activities than there used to be. For whatever reason, overall the museum has a pretty negative image. The management is moving to the trust and the museum is to be run for and by the community — we feel that this change needs to be flagged up.

Seaside is a positive word with a feel-good image. As a museum in a seaside town, it occurred to us to call it the Seaside Museum Herne Bay. Most of the artefacts and stories in the museum already fit this identity.”

The need for volunteers was stressed at the meeting attended by nearly 50 people, as was the list of jobs that needs to be done. Those include meeting, greeting and explaining what is on offer to visitors and more administrative and curatorial activities.

Herne Bay Times, April 8th 2015

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