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Veteran receives honour for role in Arctic convoy

Mick ‘so thankful’ for Second World War medal from Russian embassy

AN ARCTIC convoy veteran in Herne Bay has been awarded a medal from the Russian government — the seventh military honour he has received. Mick Holness, 90, was presented with the Ushakov medal for his service more than 70 years ago as a signalman. He served in the Arctic seas during one of the greatest feats of the Second World War. Mr Holness was just 18 When he joined the Royal Navy in 1942, and during his service he delivered much needed resources to the Russian servicemen. A dignitary came from the Russian embassy in London on December 27 to give the medal to Mr Holness at his home in Queensbridge Drive. The father-of-two said:

“I got a phone call before the Christmas period to say that someone from the Russian Embassy in London was going to come and present me with this new medal. I was so pleased to get the phone call, and I was pleased that I could add it to my collection. I have six British medals already, including a British Empire Medal (BEM), and now the Russian one. The dignitary thanked me for being there when they need help to deliver the resources to the Russians. I can remember it being so cold, but it was just another trip for us to do at the time. I am so thankful for the medal. It just makes you feel appreciated to be rewarded for your service.”

Herne Bay Times, January 15th 2015

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