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Unfair city council harming our town

I, along with many people who actually care about Herne Bay unlike those councillors who continuously claim they do, are thoroughly disgusted with the continuation of totally biased and unfair behaviour from Canterbury City Council (Homes Developers Told To Pay Millions For New Relief Roads, Herne Bay Gazette, May 29). This relates to the unfair and inexcusable distributions of former s106 planning cash now known as the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) which this council receives from developers wishing to develop houses, shops and light office industrial sites throughout the Herne Bay area. This has been a serious issue with me and many other people in Herne Bay for many years now only to be told by various coundilors funds have to be spent on or linked in some way with the development.

This is not the case. For example, a few years ago Bournemouth and Boscombe Council had a large amount of development funds redirected to Boscombe Pier refurbishment funded through Barrett Homes luxury flats. So why not in Herne Bay? It is also well known that road improvements funds should come from central government like the recent agreement on the new and much-awaited bypass link on the A21 near Tunbridge Wells in Kent. Section 106 cash to the tune of about £4,000 was redirected from a small development of flats in Herne Bay to the improvements at the Beaney to make up a shortfall. So much for funds having to be used linked or partially linked to the development.

I also beg the question what have they done with the regeneration funds from the new hotel and Tesco in New Dover Road, Canterbury; houses and flats in Rheims Way on the old tannery site, St George’s Place and St Dunstan’s, the new retirement homes in Roper Road. We all remember vital s106 development funds a few years ago were lost due to ignorance of council officials claiming that Herne Bay did not warrant a hotel and it was in the wrong place? How wrong they were. In fact the hotel is currently fully booked and the Harvester is one of the busiest in the UK. Had those council officials not ruined the p1anning application which was originally submitted and rejected such a move the s106 funds were lost at the Blacksole footbridge would be fully functional.

Andy Newell, Gordon Road, Herne Bay

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