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Ukip lost my vote for misleading residents

I HAVE been a Ukip member and activist for the last two years. Like so many others, I was attracted to Ukip because I agreed with many of their policies and the refreshing sense of honesty that they projected, coupled with the fact that they stood head and shoulders above the other mainstream parties, with their stand on “posh boy” politicians and the reintroduction of common-sense policies. However, I feel obliged to draw the attention to a number of inaccurate statements that have appeared on a Ukip campaign leaflet that dropped through my door. It is entitled A Message From
Piers Wauchope.

Although the document clearly states that it is from Mr Wauchope and bears his signature, it appears to have been produced and promoted by his campaign manager, local businessman John Moore, who was appointed to this paid position, not voted in. The leaflet starts off “About Piers”, claiming that he is a local man living in Birchington who is passionate about the local area. I do not think this true – as far as I’m aware, his family home is in middle-class Tunbridge Wells. As for his passion for the area, I know a fact that this time last year he had never been to Birchington. At best he probably has a mail-drop address in the area. I remember him turning up to one or our branch meetings late last year — I had never seen him in the previous two years. At this meeting he declared himself’ as a prospective parliamentary candidate and then took himself off for a walk around the town so he could develop a “passion” for the area. What I would like to know is, did he feel the same passion for Thanet South, where he failed in his bid to represent the area?

He further claims in his introduction that he has a long involvement in local politics and 12 years’ experience as a councillor. All of this experience was gained, I believe, in Tunbridge Wells, mainly as a Conservative councillor, a complete world away from Thanet North and its very different social needs. I am very disillusioned by what I see as a deliberate attempt to mislead the people of Thanet North and Herne Bay. This being the case, Ukip are no better than all the other parties. As for the people’s army, history has taught us that an army is only as good as its leadership. I will not be renewing my membership.

John Sherring
Herne Bay

Herne Bay Times, February 11th 2015


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