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UK must remain in the EU to survive

I feel compelled to respond to last week’s lengthy letter from the Rev Stuart Piper (A Cheap And Silly Pop At Ukip By MP, Letters and Opinion, Kentish Gazette, March 5). Ukip and its adherents are frightening because of their “rear-view-mirror” view of the world which, I fear, holds dreadful implications for this country and its future generations if they come to fruition. Britain alone is no longer a major power in a world dominated by Europe, the US, China, and India. The days when we held an Empire or even seriously influenced a Commonwealth are long gone. The image of Britain as a powerful military nation which “won” the Second World War is now just a memory. Britain in the 21st century is simply a small island off the coast of Europe whose influence, if we have any, is accorded to us by other countries out of a polite respect for our history. Alone, we will fade into relative obscurity and probably economic decline. Our only hope for the future lies in being an active member of the European Union, fighting from within to ensure that its policies are fair to all of its members. Taking the motor industry as an example, do Ukip members seriously think that Tata (Jaguar/Land Rover), Nissan, Honda, BMW (Mini) and Toyota would maintain long-term investment in this country and in the jobs that represents if we were not part of Europe? Of course they wouldn’t. Do get real and concentrate on creating a future for this country in the world as it is and is going to be.

Chris Jones, Beacon Hill, Herne Bay

Herne Bay Gazette, March 12th 2015

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