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Turning point

One way or another, this year will be a turning point for Herne Bay’s Museum.

Click to download the Newsletter
Click to download the Newsletter


The Friends have, in the past, stopped the Museum from closing. Now we have to chance not only to keep it open, but to transform it into the Museum this town wants and deserves.

For the first time, we have the chance to run our own Museum – “we” being the whole town, not just the Friends of the Museum.

PLEASE read our latest Newsletter from our secretary, David Cross. It explains everything very clearly, spells out what we can all do to make this succeed, and has a brilliant piece from Sarah Corn, Kent’s expert on making this kind of transformation work.

We need help with this – no single group can do it alone. Please share this with your family, friends, neighbours and colleagues.

We want everyone in town to know that they have a chance to do their bit to make our Museum outstanding.

If nobody does anything, we’ll get what we deserve – nothing.

If a lot of people do a bit, we’ll get what we deserve – a Museum to be proud of.

You can help – CLICK to download the Leaflet that tells you how…


You can help - CLICK to download the leaflet that tells you how...

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