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Turn-off sign may stop incidents

My home overlooks the Thanet Way, and hardly a week goes by without an accident happening. Recently your paper referred to an accident which happened early Saturday morning when police, ambulances and the fire brigade were called. It happened before the curve just before the coast-bound Whitstable turn off. At 2pm the same day I looked out my window and exactly the same thing had happened in exactly the same place. On Monday, again, the same thing, the same place. On the Tuesday I went into Whitstable and as I drove this stretch of road I looked to see what could possibly be causing accidents in the same place and the only thing I could see was the fact that the road changed to a rougher surface texture at that point. However, my theory is that drivers suddenly realise they need to be on the left for the Whitstable turn off and start trying to force their way between cars on the left. May be the Whitstable turn off sign needs to be earlier to give earlier warning of the Whitstable turn off.

Pat Twan
Highstreet Road, Hernhill, Faversham

Herne Bay Gazette, January 1st 2015

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