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Truly great dishes found locally: Here’s our best of the best but we want to hear your best of the rest

Canterbury is a city full of amazing restaurants. But, If you can only go to each one once, what is the signature dish you simply cannot afford to miss? Here are our ideas for 18 great plates of food:

Café Des Amis
The paella for two: chicken, king prawns, calamari, mussels and pork chorizo cooked in spicy saffron rice. Not your ordinary paella!

Insalata Pinocchio’s at Pinocchio’s
While boasting world-class pasta and pizza dishes, it is the mired leaf salad with goats cheese, roasted peppers, black olives and roasted almonds that brings us back. The best salad in the city.

Tandoori mixed grill at the Ancient Raj
Can’t choose between this fantastic Indian restaurant’s chicken and lamb dishes? Why not try them both, cooked to perfection In a tandoori oven.

Lobster and spaghetti for two at the Olive Grove
The best Italian restaurant in the city? This is the dish that makes the Olive Grove’s case — a whole lobster on a bed of spaghetti, bathed in pomodoro e basillco sauce.

Lamb tagine with prunes at Azouma
The whole restaurant is true authentic Moroccan, but you won’t find a better balance between the region’s sweet and savoury flavours than this slow cooked lamb dish.

Belly of pork at Deesons
For something a bit closer to home, try this slow cooked belly of pork, braised with Kentish cider, complete with Cumberland sausages, and a potato terrine.

Pigeon breast at The Goods Shed
Proof that simple, locally sourced food can be superb in the right hands: Wood pigeon breasts, black pudding, and quince jelly. All you really need.

The King Lear at The Shakespeare
Two beef steak burgers, pulled pork, smoked cheddar cheese and bacon, barbecue sauce and onion rings, all in a toasted bun with chips. To not finish it would be a tragedy indeed…

Pulled pork roll at Pork & Co
There are a range of options you can have with your roll, but the best of them are almost childishly simple. And isn’t that always the way, with perfection?

Parma ham and gorgonzola pizza at Café du Soleil
The wood-fired oven reaches 400 degrees centigrade, but it’s all worth it for this beautiful take on a classic.

Cod and chips, The City Fish Bar
Any previous writing about this chippie might have been hyperbole, but since our poll last month, it’s a fact: these are the best fish and chips in the district. You can’t argue with science.

Roast monkfish at the County Restaurant
If you’re going for fine dining, you may as well go all out: langoustine, pancetta, aooke and ginger purée, pink grapefruit, chicken and vanilla jus with a lovely roasted fish.

Goan Masala Curry at Oscar and Bentley’s
High quality, inclusive dining; this is a restaurant proud to be able to serve their food to anyone, regardless of health needs, and none exhibit this better than their Goan Masala Curry with coconut chutney. Great if allergies stop you from visiting most restaurants, and great if they don’t!

Pork shoulder at Salt
An intimate restaurant specialising in small dishes for people about to enjoy Canterbury’s nightlife, Salt is proud that none of its dishes cost more than £8. Enjoying their pork shoulder with black pudding and apple sauce, you may be wondering how they can turn a profit working like that. But it tastes too good to care.

Fish of the day at The Ambrette
One of the newest restaurants In the cit.c and fast becoming one of the most popular, chef Dev Biswal combines local, fresh fish, with the tastes of India: mung lentil kedgeree, coconut, and a sauce of south Indian spices. A unique fusion, but once you taste it, you’ll wonder why more people aren’t doing it.

Kebabs at Ocakbasi
This kebab house is renowned among students as one of the finest establishments of its kind to round off a fine night out in the city. It’s also rather good during the day, too.

Lamb shish at Istanbul
For the finest taste of Turkey this side of its namesake, the lamb shish served with rice, is one of the best things to come out of the restaurant’s signature Fire Grill.

The smoothies at Kitch.
Delicious and fresh, they’re the perfect palate cleanser for what, at this point, must be the best day of food ever.
• Now we want to know about your unmissable dishes in Whitstable, Herne Bay and Faversham? What food in Canterbury do YOU think is truly fantastic? Let us know by emailing newsdesk.times@KRNmedia.co.uk or leave a comment on our Facebook pages.

Herne Bay Times, March 25th 2015

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