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Train hits fallen tree outside Herne Bay

A train carrying workers and shoppers home for Christmas crashed into a tree on Christmas Eve just outside Herne Bay. Passengers faced delays after the Southeastern train ploughed into the tree which had fallen onto the track.

The train’s windscreen was shattered but the driver and passengers escaped injury. Among those on board in the front carriage, was Times sports editor Jon Homer. He said:

“The train was approaching Herne Bay when suddenly there was a bang and the front carriage shook violently. The train stopped for five minutes or so before the guard
announced we had hit a tree and would be progressing slowly to Herne Bay
but no further. It would be a huge exaggeration to say that my whole life
flashed before me but I was surprised to see the damage that had been
done to the front of the train. The driver looked a little shaken, if
not stirred!”

The incident caused delays while bosses organised a replacement
bus service and a crew from Network Rail was called to remove the tree. Mum-of-two Sarah Moore, who was trying to get back to her home in
Gravesend, was left stranded at Herne Bay station with her young
daughters. She said:

“It’s not ideal on Christmas Eve and the lack of information has been quite frustrating. Luckily we will be able to get home, eventually, and I’m glad no one was hurt.”

Southeastern spokesman Sarah Boundy said the train’s windscreen was damaged by the tree, which was cut up and cleared by 5pm. She said:

“The service affected was the 3.05pm Ramsgate to
Faversham train and there were some cancellations and delays while we
organised replacement buses. We are very sorry for the disruption and that people were delayed on Christmas Eve.”

HB Times 4th Jan 2013

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