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Town Councillors

On Tues 15th, our councillors will PUBLICLY discuss issues that matter to our town. This happens rarely, so don’t miss it – the Salvation Army Hall in Richmond Street, starting at 6:30pm.

They only do this half a dozen times a year, so it’s almost a special occasion. If you’re quick about it, you can put your own questions to the
councillors about issues that you think matter to our town – details are
here, in the “Public Question and Answer” section

On the Agenda:

  • the increase in parking charges in Herne Bay and across the district
  • turning Herne Bay Library into a “gateway”
  • the traffic problems around the new Tesco in Sea Street
  • KCC’s Flood and Drainage strategy
  • funding for a barrier across Mortimer Street, and for the Umbrella Centre
  • the Town Centre Manager’s report on the state of the town

Their next meeting will be on 12th March.

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