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Town centre market plans to push ahead

Council officials are pushing ahead with plans to move Herne Bay’s market to the town centre. Consultation has started on a proposal to extend the ban on traffic in Mortimer Street and other pedestrianised areas to allow the market stalls to set up.


The changes would mean no access for cars or delivery vehicles from 5.30am until 6.30pm on Saturdays, instead of 10.30am to 4.30pm, to accommodate the market. People have until January 27 to comment on the proposals and the market could be running in the town centre by Easter. Council spokesman Rob Davies said:

“The two main pieces of work required to move the market the road closure order and planning permission – are both progressing and if they proceed well then we may be able to move the market by Easter. We are meeting with the mar ket traders regularly and working through logistics with them. At this stage we can’t say how many will make the move as the number changes and people are still deciding. The market will be using the same smart green and white gazebos as there are in Canterbury.”

Stalls would be in Mortimer Street, William Street and Bank Street and officials are also considering using parking bays on the High Street for more traders and to encourage people to visit more of the town’s shops. They have been working with shopkeepers on the location of stalls, the effect on parking and how to improve the look of the market. The move was first proposed as part of the redevelopment of the town centre and has become more urgent with plans by Aldi to build a new store in Herne Bay. It would be on the Kings Road car park, where the market is now held. The move would also need planning permission.

Herne Bay Times, January 9th 2014

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