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Today’s the Day!

The No Night Flights meeting is today (Friday) at 7pm in Chatham House School, Chatham Street, Ramsgate.

Unvarnished truth. Straight answers. Facts. All the stuff you don’t get anywhere else!

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  1. Very interesting meeting. Thanks to those who spoke last night and have clearly taken the time to research the real facts regarding the aspirational job figures, the impact on tourism, our children's education and why planning permission should be part of the application process.It was all presented in a clear, transparent manner which was in sharp contrast to the last meeting I attended at Manston where Councillor Bayford obviously hadn't looked into the wider implications of what the introduction of night flights would mean to Ramsgate and the surrounding area, and took pride in the fact that he was an expert in nothing in particular. He appeared to either not understand or chose to gloss over the important questions being raised by members of the audience regarding the health aspects and environmental/economic impact on Thanet.Being presented with such compelling evidence by the NNF team, backed up by local education experts and a member of the CPRE who also spoke last night, proved to me that TDC have a case to answer.