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The antidote to night flights – all aboard!

This is excellent! We’ve got our hands on a bus!

We’ll be driving all over Ramsgate on Saturday 25th February, and the bus will be covered with No Night Flights banners and bunting, so we’ll be easy to spot.

The bus will be full of lovely No Night Flights campaigners, so do feel free to wave, blow us kisses, and come up and introduce yourselves.

We will be dispensing tea, biscuits, facts and earplugs as we tell the good people of Ramsgate about the awful truth behind Manston’s night flights proposal, and collect “No thank you” letters for the public consultation.

Where and When?

We’ve arranged for the local press to come along to cover the story and get some “crowd shots” for next week’s papers, and we’ve got Thanet’s finest film-makers joining us to record the day – bound to be a blockbuster!

If you want to be sure of your 15 minutes of fame, you’ll need to meet the bus at Ramsgate Harbour, where it will be stopping off on its all-day tour. The two big photo opportunities will be at 11am sharp, and at 12 noon on the dot, so be there a bit early to make sure you get in the frame! Our movie moguls will be with us throughout the day.

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  1. great idea. Might also be an idea to have a load of printed off letters that people could just add their address to and sign .keep up the good workKeith

  2. M.S.Lockwood

    What a GREAT IDEA!!!! Could it be extended to Herne Bay Particularly Beltinge and the other areas where which lie beneath the flight path??How about getting some Councillors and maybe our local MP to back this too ??

  3. Paula Herne Bay

    Unfortunately our MP thinks night flights are a good idea! I wrote to Sir Roger expressing my views against the proposals and all I received in response was a letter from one of his office staff, enclosing a copy of Gale's View from his website. I will never vote for him again.

  4. Denis Cannon

    Could I just point out to M.S.Lockwood that Roger Gale is the MP here and so there is no chance of getting any backing for something that affects the living standards of the constituents in this area.However if you see pigs flying overhead then it might be worth asking him.

  5. Re: Sir Roger Gale…It's worse than you think. He was against night flights 10 days before the General Election, and then in favour of them immediately after. Have a look at:http://www.hernebaymatters.com/nonightflights-blog/tag/roger-gale-mpand scroll down to see the scathing exposure of his cynical about-turn.

  6. sleeplessinramsgate

    Dear HBMBrilliant idea! A route map would be useful and an itinerary showing where you intend to stop. Otherwise it's all too easy to miss the bus (sorry!)

  7. Anyone else noticed how quiet Oh Dear (Gerry O'Donnell) has been recently?

  8. What do people think of having some No Night flight signs made and hammering them into the ground around certain areas? i.e verges/roundabouts on main roads for all to see? I was thinking just small-ish hardboard square signs on sticks with the No night flights logo. We could get some on lamposts etc around the council offices too? Bad idea? Godd idea? ….Just an idea!!??

  9. Worryingly, Gerry O'Donnell ran for council but was not elected. If this is Oh Dear, it is disturbing to have read some of his views on the night flights and the rude way he had spoken to people who had posted on here. He obviously wants the night flights to happen, despite the massive rejection from local residents….and this was a man trying to become a representitive of the people of Thanet. Surely if a person's town is important to them, then so should be the views and opinions of its people. How sickeningly and corruptly ironic. I think we will be seeing and hearing night flights over our towns very soon. TDC do not seem to care what the people of Thanet think. Such a shame. Such a sad sad shame. I for one will be taking legal action and making claims for compensation if my house becomes worthless and mine and my families health deteriorates due to TDC's neglet in taking the appropriate action and allowing night flights to happen.

  10. I think you are safe to assume that Gerry is Oh Dear (same initials). There are only a handful of people who are militating in favour of night-flights. Most of them are ex airport or airline employees (witness today's Gazette with the letter from Medwell). Gerry has jumped on their little bandwagon because he is still bitter about being ousted in the elections. I did feel sorry for him but not any more. His recent outpourings have been so nasty and abusive.

  11. craig under the flight path

    ditto on the Dodgy Rodgy Gail. I too wrote to him and challenged him on his u-turn and got the usual MP hand-wringing excuses about jobs.Imagine my position come election time: I'm a lifelong Conservative voter who must decide to either abstain or vote Labour at the next local election.At least the night flight supporters can't accuse me of being a nimby lefty.

  12. I think if you put the boards out with the no night flights on them it may be an idea to put a picture of the laughing cavalier Charles Bucanon expressing how wonderful he looks with that nice big smile & put tthem round the council offices stating "this is what you can look like with a good nights sleep" this man who lives in folkestone wants to bring bedlem to ramsgate.

  13. M S Lockwood

    I did indeed write to Mr Gale with the same results as everyone else. To remind him where our future votes might go as a consequence of Manston winning night flights was met with 'Its up to you where you vote' ie, I don't give a toss!! I will very carefully consider how I vote at any future elections, I too, have been a Tory supporter for some 45yrs. Probably not in the future.Again, on the subject of jobs, I challenge Mr Buchanan to publish exactly how many jobs, what are the jobs and their job specifications?? But will also stick to my view, that IF any jobs are created as a sop to percieved success these will soon be made REDUNDANT in the scramble for profit.