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The 7 most haunted places in Herne Bay

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FOR people from out of town, Herne Bay may seem like a sleepy little seaside town, but they might be surprised to find a dark story behind some of our most celebrated places.

Over the years, numerous sightings have been reported of unworldly creatures in our town.

From our beloved pier to the home of a local elderly lady, here are some of the spookiest supernatural stories you should know about:

1. Herne Bay Pier

Here is one that most people would have heard of by now. The cut off part of the iconic pier has been said to have attracted several spirits, which even led to a short film being released in 2012 claiming to capture some of them. It has since been taken off the web but the site has been said to host the spirit of a man.

The skeptics out there would say it’s just a fisherman who has visited the site whilst out in the sea.

2. Bun Penny public house in Central Parade

This pub, which has suffered from some bad luck when it was severely damaged in the terrible fire in 2011, has also been associated with a few sightings of a phantom lady.

This scary spirit was said to be sitting on a staircase in the building or roam around the building and the garden.

3. Divers Arms public house in Central Parade

Here’s another pub that has been mentioned on several spooky lists and even had The Ghost Search UK team come for a check.

During that search, they reported four entities including former banker Alfred Potter, a short Victorian woman and two children.

Here’s their report:

[embedded content]

We’ve also reported back in 2013 of an effort by a team from Ghostfinders Canterbury, which set up eight cameras and four recording devices and claimed they had captured a host of unexplained phenomena. Read about it here.

4. Margaret Court and the shaken mattress

In a different article we published in 2011, we reported that retired grandmother Doris Birch was being haunted by an entity which groped her at night and would shake the mattress. We even arranged a visit from a ghost hunter couple to help the then 73-year-old woman. 

The Spirit medium Ray told us back then he would draw the ghost into him while his wife Beryl would envelope it in a “vortex of light” and send it to the “other side.”

5. Thornden Wood Road

This may well be one of the less surprising sighting, considering its proximity to the Thornden Wood. In 1986, it has been reported that a motorcyclist riding along the road suddenly felt her lights flickering, which was quickly followed by the engine cutting out and the breaks of her bike jamming. 

She managed to keep her balance but spotted a blurry human shape crossing the road. She was watching as the figure moved from the left to the right with the sound of large dogs in the loudly heard in the background. The sound started to slowly fade away when the rider managed to restart her engine and flee the scene.

6. Reculver Towers

The beautiful Reculver Towers, which we are all very proud of, have also been associated with some paranormal activity over the years. 

The secret past of the old and cryptic remains of a Saxon church, St. Mary’s, contains skeletons of young children, which were dug up during the excavations in the 1960’s.

It is then no wonder that there have been several reports of the sound of children crying haunting the place.

Other reports also mention pitiful cries late at night and several spirits including a monk, a woman and the sounds of galloping horses.

7. Herne Bay’s coast

It was the summer of 1935 and crowds of holiday makers at the popular seafront. But suddenly, boats appeared, chasing a sea serpent across the bay. The creature was reported to be brown and yellow in colour, and about twenty feet long. Despite long efforts, it was never found.

Do you know of any other spooky stories? Leave a comment below, email us at newsdesk.times@KRNmedia.co.uk, tweet us at @HerneBayTimes or post your suggestions on our Facebook page

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