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Tens of thousands more people

“…the main property types that the future housing market needs are those that will attract more affluent working households and families, and those that meet the needs of younger families facing deprivation and affordability problems.” [Draft Local Plan 2.64]

The Council says that we need family accommodation rather than two bed flats. So, we have based our estimate on an average size unit of three beds. The Council is proposing that we have 2,990 new homes on these five housing estates. In addition, we would have our normal share of smaller developments every year.

Looking at the figures proposed for smaller developments for the district, we estimate that our share of that would be another 1,610 new homes, making 4,600 in total. If these are mainly three bedroom homes, we are looking at an increase in population for HB of about 14,000 to 18,000 people. Herne Bay has around 38,000 people now.

The increase in the town’s population is huge – another 37% to 47%. We think that this is unworkable.

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