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Quality craft that’s a bit different

The country’s finest contemporary artists and craftsmen will be back in the county this weekend. Sculptures, handbags, artwork, silverware, jewellery, ceramics, clothing and furniture are just some of the items they will be displaying at the Craft in Focus fair in Canterbury. Running from Friday, April 17 to Sunday, April 19, the popular annual event offers a chance to buy …

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Spending on the rec is not a big priority

THE recreation ground is one of the jewels in Faversham’s crown and money for improvement is welcome, but your prominent heading referring to a £600,000 plan (November 19) conveys an over optimistic impression. As your piece makes clear, the actual total is £577,000, of which £250,000 is potential money dependent on successful applications for outside funding. This leaves £327,000 in …

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Selfish shifting

While I was driving along Whitstable Road in Blean on Friday evening I was shocked to see a man scattering snow from his drive-way into the middle of the road. The road was still very slippery and the area in the middle of Blean Hill is steep. He was putting other motorists at higher risk by his selfish and inconsiderate act. I …

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