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Put back the railings to protect our Clock Tower

A campaigner believes iron railings should be put at the bottom of the refurbished Clock Tower to stop youngsters on skateboards and BMX bikes from damaging it. Former councillor Vince McMahan has called for the action as repairs to the histonc seafront landmark are set to continue into the new year. Mr McMahan said: “The new tower looks really impressive, …

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Activist welcomes mud-danger signs

New signs warning walkers about the dangers of coastal mud have been put in place by the pier as part of a continued safety campaign. Campaigner Vince McMahan first pointed out the damage to the old signs in November last year after they had been damaged beyond repair. He was concerned that people could not read the warnings, leading to …

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Gate repairs begin in time for anniversary

Repairs to the Avenue of Remembrance in Herne Bay Memorial Park have finally begun. Damage was originally caused by a clumsy lorry driver who collided with the gate and stonework in April. The incident left the remembrance sign snapped in two, and the metal sign commemorating 1918, the year the First World War ended, also had to be removed. In …

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Will Avenue of Remembrance be ready for Great War centenary?

Fears that the town’s Avenue of Remembrance will not be repaired in time for the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of the First World War have sparked outrage. Last month a lorry crashed into the gate and plinth at the entrance of the Memorial Park in King’s Road. The sign overhead marked the Avenue, along with the dates 1914 to …

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Mindless vandals snap recently planted trees

Vandals have caused outrage after they snapped young tree saplings recently planted in Herne Bay. Four trees in Station Chine between Derling Road and Gordon Road were broken, while another tree in the Memorial Park was also targeted. Former town councillor Vince McMahan was shocked when he discovered the damage while walking through the area on Tuesday, April 15. He …

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‘Owners must be forced to clean up eyesore pub’

Hundreds back petition for council to take legal action HUNDREDS of people have signed a petition calling for urgent action on the burnt-out Bun Penny. The pub has been an eyesore on the seafront since it was destroyed in an arson attack in September 2011, and despite officials declaring it was “a priority”, no improvements have been made. The campaign …

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Who will save the pierhead?

The Council won't and the Pier Trust can't

Today's HB Gazette highlights the worsening state of the pierhead. Apparently it's outside the Pier Trust's remit, and the Council just watches from the shore to see if the lightbulbs need changing - their bare legal obligation.

If we do nothing, time and tide will take their toll, and we will have nothing but rust and memories.

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Council demolition failure

Now this is interesting. Firstly Mr McMahan doesn’t say where his figure of £750,000 comes from – is this what CCC have actually paid the contractors? – but I really like his idea that money generated from the demolition could have been re-invested in the Pier. Secondly, the Council spokesman (Wormtongue, as I think of him) seems to be having …

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‘Nightspot’s later hours could force me to move’

Plans to extend the opening hours of Vivid nightclub have been met with fierce objection from some neighbours. The High Street nightspot wants to open two hours later in the week and serve drinks for an extra hour-and-a-half at weekends. It would mean clubbers leaving the venue as late as 3.30am on Fridays and Saturdays. But some neighbours claim a later …

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