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Key points for Monday 20th October

We would like to raise the following points at the Governance Commission meeting on Monday 20th October:- 1. DESIGN PRINCIPLES (Section 1):‘Engagement’ appears as an afterthought, a poor relation of Economy, Efficiency and Effectiveness. We suggest that ‘Empowerment’, ‘Transparency’, and ‘Accountability’ should be added, to achieve the right balance between ‘Best Value’ principles and ‘Democratic Process’ principles. The one-word principles …

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A more open Council – some suggestions

a personal view from Dave Wilson: As the City Council sets out its proposed Executive-based committee structure for the next 12 months, it’s time for those who want a different system to recognise that a reversion to a committee system alone cannot of itself prevent ‘strong leadership’ dominating and being autocratic – what is needed is to elect Councillors who …

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Why KCC will have to come clean over Kerswell

Not for the first time, Kent County Council has shown that when it comes to transparency, its view of what the public has a right to know depends rather on what the circumstances are. It will not, we are told, be disclosing the details of the severance package it has agreed with its departing managing director Katherine Kerswell because it …

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Calling All Whistleblowers

If TDC decide to give Infratil the night flights they’ve asked for, it’ll have a significant impact on the everyday lives of all of us under the flight path. The elected representatives taking that decision should be as transparent as possible about the factors they are taking into account. Some of you have already offered us interesting and valuable insider …

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City leader names BA as mystery firm

John Gilbey: leak

Clipping: thisiskent

A TOP Kent politician is the latest person to name British Airways as the firm set to move into Manston. Thanet council called an emergency meeting last month to change regulations of the airport's night flights in the belief that a new freight operator was about to relocate there. Despite widespread speculation that British Airways World Cargo was the firm set to move in, no formal announcement has since been made.

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A golden opportunity missed

Disappointing. Unsurprising. Recoverable. CCC voted down the opportunity to flaunt themselves as 21st century cyber-starlets (see Radio Sausage). The world is a marginally less glitzy place as a result. More to the point, they voted down the opportunity to let their constituents see them in action.

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