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Keeping up appearances, keeping up hope

So, just what is going on with this PwC “independent” report about the former airport and the enthusiasts’ dream of a CPO by American “buy-to-letters”, RiverOak? Well, let’s have a little toddle through the chronology of events, shall we? It’s a long post, for which, apologies, but we think this little storm in a wind sock has been very instructive. …

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CPO – Couldn’t Possibly Occur

We have watched with interest the unedifying spectacle of politicians falling over themselves to be the biggest, bestest, shiniest hope for “saving” Manston. Of course, had they really given a monkey’s about the airport rather than just pre-election vote-catching, they would have had a better chance of “saving” this commercial crock had they encouraged their legions of supporters to use the …

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RiverOak – a fish out of water

There’s been a lot of nonsense talked about RiverOak, with some airport lobbyists flogging the idea that RiverOak has hundreds of millions of pounds of cash at its disposal to fund the acquisition by CPO of the old airport at Manston. There’s also been a lot of tosh talked about RiverOak suggesting that they own/run Alliance Fort Worth airport. In …

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Transport Select Committee – public hearing

We submitted our written evidence to the committee in October 2014. On February 2nd, we went along to Portcullis House (just across the road from the Houses of Parliament), to do our bit. For you. Here you can watch the committee in action. We start with: Pauline Bradley (Director, Manston Skyport Limited) Alastair Welch (Interim Director, Kent Airport Limited) Alan Mackinnon …

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RiverOak Investment Corp. LLC RiverOak seems to have been brought into this by Tony Freudmann. RiverOak is a US real estate company that is registered as an LLC in Delaware. This gives RiverOak considerable protection from prosecution. We’ve been looking at some Delaware Supreme Court judgements. As the Court says: “…ultimately, LLCs and corporations are different; investors can choose to …

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US flights a £20m annual boost to county’s economy

Direct flights between Kent and America will boost the county’s economy by at least £20 million a year, tourist chiefs have been told. The prediction was made during an event to promote the start of passenger services from Kent International Airport at Manston to Norfolk, Virginia. The once-a-week service, which begins next spring, will bring in £5m from May to …

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Direct air link to US cleared for take off

Long-promised direct flights between Kent and Virginia look set to take off next year. Senior representatives of Norfolk International Airport, Virginia, and Kent County Council are poised to sign an agreement that paves the way for new aviation links from May 2007.

A weekly charter service between Norfolk and Manston would be operated by Cosmos in the UK and CI Travel in the United States. Norfolk Airport Authority has agreed to become a financial partner and is understood to have pledged half the start-up costs. The proposed service builds on a Memorandum of Understanding between the state of Virginia and Kent signed in Richmond, Virginia, last June. One of its stated aims is the creation of an air bridge between the two regions to promote business, education and leisure links.

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It’s your choice, Manston told

Manston Airport has taken a step into the big league by unveiling an £8 million apron and taxiway. Aviation minister David Jamieson officially opened the 10 acres of concrete by cutting a ceremonial ribbon. The new facility can take more and larger aircraft under a master plan that could see £150 million invested in the Thanet airport, including a new terminal and fast rail links with London over the next 10 years.

These plans could see jobs rise from 400 to 6,000, and passenger numbers soar to thee million within five years. Talks are already well advanced with low-cost airlines to operate scheduled services and a deal could be finalised by the end of the year.

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