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You’re off your trolley to not shop local

Jules Serkin Co-presenter of Kent Business Radio and co-founder of the Kent Business Tweetups — gives a round-up of local business news. Listen to her show live on www.channelradio.co.uk JUST as Whitstable is welcoming Morrisons to the High Street and planning a third supermarket for the Thanet Way, we consumers are apparently turning our backs on the weekly trolley dash. …

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Supermarket’s loaf cheaper than locals’

I READ Jules Serkin’s column in the April 10 edition regarding shopping local. I try to support local shops although I have to say that the ones in Harbour Street in Whitstable are not for me but for the weekend visitors, as is the harbour. I bought a small loaf last weekend in a local baker’s shop. It cost £1.25. …

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Far greater clarity on school places

I MUST take issue with Dr Klappa over several of his statements (Your Views, Moving school to Bay makes sense, February 6). If all points of view are taken very seriously why is anyone expressing opposition ridiculed or slapped down as we have seen both in the press and at the Herne Bay public meeting? Several people at that poorly …

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Local Plan: doubts over golf course scheme

Plans for a Tesco on the outskirts of Herne Bay have been thrown into doubt after an application for a major development stalled. Developers Quinn Estates have put on hold proposals to build a sports hub and supermarket on the former golf club site after questions were raised over Tesco’s commitment to the scheme. The official line is that negotiations …

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Local Plan: Golf course might not get Tesco

The developer behind plans for a new housing estate and sports centre at the former Herne Bay golf club has vowed it will go ahead – with or without a Tesco store. Mark Quinn, of Quinn Estates, told members of Herne Bay Town Partners last week the scheme had been delayed as negotiations continued with the retail giant. An application …

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Herne getting famous for beating Tesco

The sleepy village that  triumphed over Tesco as people power forces chain to abandon pub conversion

The charming village of Herne seems an unlikely spot for an awesome display of people power. But the extraordinary resolve of its residents has just seen off the might of Tesco. Villagers won a David and Goliath battle with the store chain over what they saw as a threat to their way of life.

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Herne Villagers won, Tesco nil

Tesco scraps plans for Express store in Herne Tesco has dramatically pulled out of plans to open an Express store in Herne, the Kentish Gazette can reveal. The supermarket giant today admitted it was not pushing forward with the controversial scheme, blaming highways issues in the village. The news marks the end of a fierce five-month campaign waged by villagers …

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Anti-Tesco march at Herne on Sunday

More than 1,000 campaigners are expected to swamp the tiny village of Herne on Sunday and march through its streets in protest against Tesco’s plans to open a store in a former pub. The demonstration plans were revealed after villagers gained police permission to stage the march. Villagers should meet at the Cherry Orchard at 11am. The march starts at …

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Tesco at Herne: villagers fight, councillor gives in

The Herne villagers fighting Tesco are being stitched up by Cllr Vickery-Jones. The villagers and the parish council are refusing Tesco's "cash contributions", but the councillor is happy to take the money on behalf of CCC, contrary to the wishes of his constituents.

The Council is perfectly well able to make life difficult for people using the planning process, but Cllr Vickery-Jones seems very willing to throw up his hands in surrender when it comes to Tesco. It wouldn't be the "cash contributions", would it?

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FO Tesco

Tesco is a retail leech, draining the commercial lifeblood from the small local independent operators, a parasite on the UK's high streets, taking more than it gives. Their motive is profit (at any cost), their methods are ruthless, their ambition is monopolistic domination.

The bean-counters at Tesco have spotted that Herne Bay only has 1 Tesco, but 40,000 people. Panic! Everyone in Britain MUST have a Tesco on their doorstep! Everyone MUST do all their daily shopping at Tesco! The bean-counters frantically tap away at their spreadsheets. A sigh of relief whistles through their dungeon as they find a solution - open more Tesco stores.

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