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Tennis charges will drive away players

A charge of £7.20 per hour to use the tennis courts in the Memorial Park (It’s Wimbledon – Want To Play? That Will Cost £7.20 An Hour) What? You cannot be serious! Canterbury City Council’s continual inroads into taxpayers pockets and contemptuous avoidance of any consultation never lets up: Witness Westgate Towers, Kingsmead Field, beach hut owners… the list goes …

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It’s Wimbledon – Want to play? That will cost £7.20 an hour

As Wimbledon fever hits the Bay, council killjoys have decided to slap a £7.20 an hour charge on using the town’s tennis courts. Adult players will have to fork out the sum to hire the Memorial Park facilities as the authority looks to net cash for their maintenance. Meanwhile, aspiring Andy Murrays under the age of 16 will have to pay …

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Courts facelift may cost players

TENNIS courts at Herne Bay’s main park are to be given a facelift — but players could be forced to pay to help recoup the cash, a leading councillor said. West Bay councillor Peter Lee, who is responsible for Canterbury City Council’s finances, said officials should try to recover some of the £3,000 investment by charging people to use the …

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