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Council chief executive ticketed for illegal parking

A council’s chief executive is accused of hypocrisy after he was caught parking his Jaguar on double yellow lines in Canterbury city centre. Colin Carmichael left his luxury saloon on lines, that were freshly painted by his employer to make it “absolutely clear” parking is not allowed. Mr Carmichael, who this week extolled the virtues of public transport, was ticketed …

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Guess who’s footing bill for council leader’s unpaid tax

An unpaid tax bill run up by city council leader John Gilbey will be cleared using taxpayers’ money, the Gazette can reveal. In an email leaked to this newspaper, it emerged the Tory unknowingly racked up a £1,250 debt after failing to pay any tax on his mileage claims for the, last five years. But after Her Majesty’s Revenue and …

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23 council fraud cases are probed but not prosecuted

Employees and a primary school head under suspicion ANOTHER 23 cases of fraud involving Kent County Council have been investigated so far this year – but not one ended in criminal prosecution. This paper previously reported that of 27 “irregularities” recorded between April and November last year, only one resulted in prosecution. That was adult education centre finance officer Carl …

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Are Idlers Being Rewarded?

An interesting programme on Radio 4 the other day weighed up the pros and cons of idleness. A colonel’s wife spoke of enjoying brandy and ginger ale at bath-times and occasionally chatting to her kids through an intercom when she was particularly bored. A former miner spoke movingly about beginning work as a school boy in 1925 and finding his …

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