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New rules for Tax Discs

In October last year, a new car tax system was put in place which said goodbye to our round paper tax disc and hello to online registration. However, hundreds of people are still being caught out by the tax disc loophole, so we thought we would put together a list of eight things you NEED to know about the new …

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How to do Due Diligence, properly.


Courtesy of Glovers, “a leading firm of solicitors based in Central London”, here is Due Diligence for Dummies. This is the rigmarole that Thanet District Council (and indeed, any public body) should go through before entering into a commercial contractual relationship with any organisation. Specimen Due Diligence Checklist 1. CORPORATE DATA AND GROUP STRUCTURE Copies of all board minutes and …

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Chiefs quizzed over leader’s tax

City council bosses faced a grilling over their controversial decision to pay leader John Gilbey’s £1,250 tax bill with public money. Chief executive Colin Carmichael and director of resources Tricia Marshall were hauled before the authority’s scrutiny committee to explain the move. They also came under fire for failing to publicly announce the decision, which was revealed exclusively in the …

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The great British tax scandal

The nice people at AVAAZ.org do their best to make the world a better place. One of their current online campaigns aims to encourage the British government to ensure that the largest and wealthiest corporations pay their dues.

You may have heard recently about the cosy deals that have been struck between Her Majesty's Revenue & Customs (a.k.a. the taxman) and Vodafone in particular, allowing them years to pay their overdue taxes, and with no interest charges. This is in stark contrast to the way they treat small businesses and individuals.

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Manston: there’s no fine print to read

The new night flights proposal from Manston contains just two rules that matter: how many planes, and how noisy. What will happen when Manston breaks the rules?

Absolutely nothing.

Manston has removed all the penalty clauses from their proposal.

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A reader writes (to Bob)

I thought my email of today may be of interest and stimulate other residents to convey their views to our councillors: August 21st 2011 Dear Councillor Bayford, Re Manston Airport – Proposed Night Flights As a regular listener to BBC Radio Kent, I heard your response rebuttal to Councillor Clive Hart’s interview at 08.15 on Thursday 18th August on the …

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