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School move debate is harming pupils

BARTON Court Parents’ Forum is very concerned that the discus&ons surrounding the proposal to move Barton Court Grammar School to Herne Bay are becoming increasingly politicised. and that the wellbeing of Barton Court pupils is being entirely overlooked in the scrum. In particular, a number of negative statements are being regularly trotted out as “given facts”, when they simply have …

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Back the fight for council buy-out of Manston airport

SHOULD companies show corporate responsibility for the people whose areas and amenities they exploit? That’s a question currently being answered by people in Manston who are fighting to save our regional airport. Stagecoach tycoon Ann Gloag bought Manston for £1 last October and closed it on May 15, citing losses, in spite of an offer made by the American company …

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Bay agrees we need a grammar here

To suggest Sir Roger Gale MP is electioneering when all the main parties In Herne Bay agree a grammar school move to the coast would be beneficial is ill-thought out (Why Can’t Sir Roger Gale See This Folly, Herne Bay Gazette, May 1). I presume the educationalists your correspondent mentions are the heads of the other schools that are all …

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Why can’t Sir Roger Gale see this folly?

Having read the now published responses to the Barton Court Grammar School consultation, I am struck dumb that Sir Roger Gale MP continues to cite fairness to children looking for grammar school places as a valid reason to shut Canterbury’s only coeducational grammar school and transfer it lock stock and barrel to a flood plain near Herne Bay (Parents Say …

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Successful afrport would do more bad

Does Mr Illsley of Why Not Manston? think that the airport exists purely for his benefit to be able to have “the sheer pleasure of the rapid processing that Manston delivers” (Airport Loss Would Be Blow For Area, Letters and Opinion, Herne Bay Gazette, April 3)? Does he not comprehend that if the airport becomes a success that he will …

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Join the battle for outpatient services

Crowds expected at meeting to decide hospital’s future CAMPAIGNERS have issued a call to all supporters of the Queen Victoria Memorial Hospital to turn out for a second public meeting about its future. So many people packed into the Kings Hall for the first session in January that crowds were turned away, so officials promised to return to explain their …

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