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Council’s priorities aren’t secret – they’re confidential!

Definition of secret: not known or seen or not meant to be known or seen by others. Definition of confidential: intended to be kept secret.  [Oxford Dictionaries online]  Who does Cllr Gilbey think he’s kidding?  Canterbury City Council is one of the most democratic local authorities in the country, claims leader John Gilbey. He hit out after the Kentish Gazette …

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Howes that! Army out. Is there a silver lining?

Connected? 11th Feb 2013: the (almost) all-powerful CCC Executive have one of their all-too-common secret meetings – this one about a “strategic” (and cheap) property deal which is in a “key site for improvements to the road network in that area”. 5th Mar 2013: the MoD announce the closure of Canterbury Howe Barracks. Cllr Gilbey says “I think this is …

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Councillors break oath of silence

There’s much rib-tickling japery in the current HB Times. I’m tempted to start up a TV show called “Councillors say the funniest things” which would feature elected representatives trying to keep a straight face while spouting nonsense, distortions, half-truths, non sequitors and unsupported assertions. Some of our guys must be up to national standard. Except for the current plans for …

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