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Brace yourself for a Broadoak reservoir

BROADOAK residents rightfully venting their fury at the proposed route for the new power lines, (Times, June 11) wIll soon have something else to worry about. Having successfully avoided talking about the EU during the recent elections by ranting on about Manston airport, Herne Bay and North Thanet MP Roger Gale is now turning his attention to water supplies in …

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Voting to stay in EU would be traitorous

THE main concerns expressed in recent editions have been job losses if we leave the EU and uncontrolled immigration, which has been twisted into nasty racism by those with nothing positive to say in support of the EU. Other more serious issues have been quietly left in the shadows. America, Canada and Mexico formed a trading bloc, but neither Canada …

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Polish people had a raw deal from UK

WITH immigration in the news again (Immigration is being used as a smokescreen”, January 16) and Polish people comprising the highest numbers coming here, I find it hard to understand why so many choose to live in the UK. In 1945, wartime leader Winston Churchill was so grateful for the vast number of Polish people who fought and died with …

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Why do we have to endure these cuts?

It is  disgraceful and completely unacceptable that we have to endure the dangers and misery of power cuts every winter. UK Power Network’s boss said they were not expecting the recent storms and too many staff were on holiday. What gross incompetence! We are in the middle of the heating season, they should always be prepared. Modern technology is available …

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