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Anfer and despair at park vandalism

Yobs have again caused despair after snapping new sapling trees and vandalising flower planters in the Memorial Park. Last month, the Gazette reported on damage done to trees in Station Chine, and last week there was further damage done to new trees planted along the Avenue of Remembrance. Queen Street mum Sarah Jane Phillips, 31, regularly uses the park for …

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Bus day in Ramsgate

We were down at the harbour for most of the morning because the press wanted us to be there at 10, 11 and 12 so, given that we wanted maximum publicity, we needed to do that.

Unfortunately the splendid and venerable bus, loaned to us by a Ramsgate resident and supporter, broke down in Queen Street and so we were unable to get all around town as planned - apologies to all those who had camped out waiting for a glimpse!

We were delighted with the response, lots of people came out to support, we were able to speak to residents and visitors who were unaware of the proposal, and we were able to speak to people about the facts etc etc.

Here are some of the highlights of the day - do feel free to add your own...

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