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That PwC report. At last! So what?

Well, what does a quick skip though the PwC report tell us? Er, well, it doesn’t tell us that RiverOak is a suitable indemnity partner. No siree! It tells us that (had they had infinite resources) TDC could have done a more structured, transparent job and spent more money on much more external advice. But it doesn’t say that they …

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What’s been happening, and where we are

We’re conscious that there has been a period of silence from us recently so we’re sending out this update. Some of you will already know what follows, having attended an NNF meeting last Sunday where some of this was discussed. Apologies – it’s long and there are no jokes in it, but a lot is going on behind the scenes. …

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Shameful secrecy, disgraceful conduct

We’re pretty clear that the whole PwC thing, apparently OK’d by “Dave” Cameron, is a transparent attempt to keep any pro-Manston votes loyal until Farage and UKIP are safely defeated in North and South Thanet. Intrigued by the suggestion that it will take a leading accountancy firm two months to decide whether RiverOak had the dosh for a CPO, we …

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Keeping up appearances, keeping up hope

So, just what is going on with this PwC “independent” report about the former airport and the enthusiasts’ dream of a CPO by American “buy-to-letters”, RiverOak? Well, let’s have a little toddle through the chronology of events, shall we? It’s a long post, for which, apologies, but we think this little storm in a wind sock has been very instructive. …

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Government proposal to extend Discovery Park Enterprise Zone to…

Comments (0) THE government has outlined plans to add Manston airport and Betteshanger to the Discovery Park Enterprise Zone. The status was granted to the then-Pfizer site in August 2011 after the pharmaceutical giant pulled most of its business out of Sandwich. The status, which gives five years of tax breaks potentially worth £21.4 million, access to simplified planning rules and …

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PwC appointed to review decisions made on Manston airport

The airport has been closed since May last year Comments (1) PwC HAS been appointed to review the decisions taken so far on the future of Manston Airport. The Department for Transport made the decision to appoint an independent consultant after Thanet council concluded it could not find a suitable indemnity partner for a compulsory purchase of the site. PwC will …

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Manston closure full of surprises

It was nothing to do with night flights, it was an investment decision (surprise, surprise), Labour feels vindicated and criticises Tories (surprise, surprise).

Airport boss calms jobs fears after Manston is put up for sale

Manston airport boss Charles Buchanan has insisted it will be "business as usual" at the airport, following the shock announcement of its sale last Thursday.

A statement from the airport said it was a decision that had arisen from operator Infratil "refocusing" its investment profile.

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