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Wildwood founder recalls his early search for a job

It can be a tough task for current students to land a job after completing their studies at university, with dozens of job applications, CVs to prepare and cover letters to write. But imagine applying for 500 jobs, attending hundred of interviews, and applying for countless PhD programmes – only to be turned down every time. That was the story …

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I would choose gas over coal any time!

Peter Smith’s letter (Long-Term Costs Of Fracking Are Too High, Letters and Opinion, Herne Bay Gazette, November 13) made the good point about the need to reduce our CO2 emissions, but came to entirely the wrong conclusion about how to do this. We can build all the solar and wind generators we like, but they won’t keep the lights on …

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Help Wildwood rescue Bulgarian bears

An animal charity has launched an appeal to rescue two brown bears and bring them to east Kent. Staff at Wildwood Trust hope to raise £50,000 to bring the bears from Bulgaria to the park near Herne Bay, where they are creating the country’s first brown bear rescue and rehabilitation centre. They plan to offer specialist care and enrichment programmes …

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Wildwood herd set to roam

NATURE reserve Wildwood, outside Herne Bay, has successfully transferred another herd of Konik horses, this time going to roam in mid Wales. The horses have gone to Wildernest, a green tourism and environmental education project run by husband and wife Hugh and Jude Crawford in the beautiful Aeron Valley, Wales. In their new home the horses will live wild and …

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