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A reader writes

I should like to make a few points, of which Cllr Carter should be informed! Firstly, he says that Manston’s runway is 2,752m. When I checked, it was 2,658m. Heathrow has two runways – 3,500m and 3,570m, with Gatwick’s one at 3,750m. So nowhere near comparable. He says that Manston “is able to cater for all modern jet aircraft”; that’s …

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KCC’s contribution, for what it’s worth

Boldly Stepping… KCC are happily throttling themselves with management speak and business jargon, which is why some of their worst ideas are dressed up as “Bold Steps”. The latest in the series is “Bold Steps for Aviation” which is described as “a discussion paper which suggests how the UK’s aviation capacity needs could be met without the need to develop …

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KCC – prize-winningly rotten

Kent County Council managed to scoop two titles in Private Eye’s Rotten Boroughs Awards 2011. The column, which lists authorities’ municipal wrongdoing, named council leader Paul Carter as Mr Toad of the Year and former managing director Katherine Kerswell as Goldenballs of the Year. Councillor Carter’s entry read: “Paul “Petrolhead” Carter announced that he is to take January 2012 off, …

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Paul Carter crows and bleats

It simply beggars belief that Paul Carter should round on the local press and suggest that they are responsible for the falling staff morale at KCC. We will find out in June, if not before, how much Katherine Kerswell was paid leave quietly. What is clear now, and has been for some time, is that her recruitment and departure revealed …

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Journalist bites councillor

Once again, Paul Francis hits the nail on the head, this time in a riposte to Paul Carter’s New Year’s gobshite. KCC leader fires salvo at local press for ‘biased’ reporting: a response Politicians often think we are out to get them and are working to some kind of hidden agenda. And the word that sometimes gets bandied about is …

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Why KCC will have to come clean over Kerswell

Not for the first time, Kent County Council has shown that when it comes to transparency, its view of what the public has a right to know depends rather on what the circumstances are. It will not, we are told, be disclosing the details of the severance package it has agreed with its departing managing director Katherine Kerswell because it …

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Paul Carter’s view of 2011 and 2012

Looking back on 2011, it’s been a demanding and tough year. We have had growing uncertainty in the economy, growing uncertainty in Europe and the Euro, and uncertainties in job security (including my own!).  But we have much to be proud of at KCC. A year ago, we faced huge challenges: Failure in Children’s Services The biggest financial challenge ever …

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KCC staff are furious

Disgruntled county council staff have given vent to their anger over a reported six-figure payoff being handed to the authority’s managing director in an extraordinary series of comments criticising the way it has been handled. And they have also taken aim at the county council leader over his decision to be away from his desk throughout January to take part in …

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Kerswell out of it

Cllr Carter will wear a toga of Imperial purple on all public engagements, and feast on roast peacocks daily. We, on the other hand, will be fed to the lions. There will be no circuses. There will be no bread. Does anyone remember voting for this? Kent County Council have finally decided that Katherine Kerswell is not in fact managing …

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Manston out-performed by a small hole in the ground

Sad but true. The numbers are in on this summer's Open Golf Championship at Sandwich, and they make good reading for the county. The direct economic boost and indirect benefit of TV coverage are valued at £77 million.

Each Open venue hosts the tournament about every ten years, so the once-a-decade display of supreme skill at the stick-ball-hole game works out at some £7.7 million a year of identifiable benefit to Kent.

Manston's latest night flight proposal rather optimistically assesses the airport's current contribution to the local economy at £3.8 million a year - less than half the impact of the Open even when the Open isn't on!

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