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Charles Buchanan’s brave face

Every now and then Charles Buchanan reports to KIACC (the airport’s consultative committee). These reports are usually a rattling good read, if only to pick out the bits where a favourable gloss is put on the less than lovely truth. The airport sale seems to be in the doldrums. The Olympics were a wash-out, although some planes parked at Manston. …

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Olympic torch a distant twinkle

Well, if you're one of the many doing your best to ignore the Olympics, then you have much to thank Lord Coe for. He has carefully engineered the Olympic torch route so that it will come no closer to Herne Bay than Upstreet and Sturry (on 19th July).

Looking at the map of the route, it does seem rather odd that they're happy to make a diversion after Faversham to visit Challock (pop. 843), but didn't divert to Herne Bay and Whitstable (combined pop. 65,383) on their way to Canterbury. Hey, ho. 

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Olympic meddling

Update on those 44 Olympic night flights – Charles Buchanan accepts the reality of supply and demand! Let’s see how much demand there is for Manston… Regional airports prepare for Olympic flight rush Hundreds of flights will be allowed to take off and land at Kent’s airports – including Manston – every day during this summer’s Olympics. Manston, Lydd and …

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44 flights a night at Manston?

On the bright side, these figures are for the upper limits allowed - it's unlikely that Manston will actually take this many, simply because it's in an inconvenient location.

However, if it gets anything like this number, it would be a useful "experiment" to show everyone what full-time scheduled night flights would be like. Perhaps it would be a good idea to hold the public consultation on night flights after the Olympics...

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EasyJet commits to Southend Airport

Some interesting things to note here:

  • 800,000 passengers = 150 airport jobs
  • EasyJet chose Southend in preference to Manston
  • Stobart Group invested £60m of their own money in the airport

London to get its sixth international airport in Southend - just in time for the Olympics

The budget airline easyJet unveiled ambitious plans yesterday to transform Southend-on-Sea airport into a rival for Gatwick and Stansted. It means London will be served by a sixth international airport in time for the 2012 Olympics.

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Manston’s Master Plan

Science, Art, or just Crystal Balls?

Time for a bit of time travelling. Cast your mind forward, if you will, to a point in time a couple of years after the Olympics. Not the London Olympics, the next lot, in Rio de Janeiro. Whoosh... you're in the year 2018. It's hard to know what your life will be like then, or what the world around you will be like.

Any idea how much it will cost to fill up your car, or what you'll be filling it with? Or how many people will be living in your house? Or who will be running the country? As the marvellous Yogi Berra  put it: "It's tough to make predictions, especially about the future."

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Oympics to generate “hundreds more flights”

THE number of flights in and out of Lydd Airport could soar during the 2012 Olympics, it has emerged. Speaking at the public inquiry last week, consultant Nigel Deacon, of Airfield Wildlife Management Ltd, admitted the airport has been asked to help bring in “business guests” for the games next year. He said: “The airport has been accepted to bring …

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Biggin Hill. Sneaky, sneaky, sneaky.

Biggin Hill Airport will now apply for long-term changes to its lease in the wake of its "Olympic gateway" bid. Critics accused airport bosses of trying to set a precedent for changes to the rules, including longer opening hours and introducing fare-paying passengers, after it submitted an application to relax regulations during the games.

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Manston could help ease strain of games

Clipping: thisiskent

Bosses at Manston airport have revealed they are in talks with Olympic officials such as organising committee chairman Seb Coe to give the airport a role in the 2012 London games. Chief executive Matt Clarke believes the airport’s location and facilities will mean it can be used to fly in athletes, fans and equipment to the London gamese the inevitable strain placed on Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted and London City airports in 2012.

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