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Trickle of funding for Manston Parkway

0.13% of a station

On reflection, I think "trickle" may be over-stating it a bit - this is more of a slight dampening.

There is a document called Growth without Gridlock, which is KCC's grandiose plan for turning the Garden of England into a 24 hour blur of traffic. It includes:

  • plans for a Third Thames Crossing (that the local councils at either end of the proposed crossing don't want),
  • upgrades to the M2 and M20 (to squeeze more lorries through Dover),
  • enhancements to Operation Stack (to provide parking for those lorries),
  • upgrades to the high speed rail link to Ramsgate (to speed up the trains),
  • and a new Manston Parkway station (to slow them down again).

All in all, as fine a display of joined-up thinking as we're likely to see from KCC any time soon, and a bargain at £1.77 billion. Yes, that's £1,770,000,000. KCC have been roaming the streets with their hands outstretched, seeking funds from every quarter. The latest mark to be suckered into coughing up is the Local Sustainable Transport Fund

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