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Letter to Discovery Park

Trevor Cartner and Chris Musgrave

Discovery Park (Trevor Cartner and Chris Musgrave) now own 80% of the Manston site, and Ann Gloag is a minority shareholder. In a better world, TDC would now be talking to Discovery Park about their plans, in the hope of conjuring the best possible deal for Thanet. In practice, TDC are still fixated on the idea of CPO-ing the site …

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RiverOak’s proposed CPO deal with TDC

I would be most grateful for any of you who are legally or contractually minded to have a quick look at this document. It’s the Heads of Terms for CPO Indemnity Agreement between Thanet District Council and the newly formed RiverOak Aviation Associates LLC. I am not legally or contractually minded, but it appears to me at first glance that …

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Why is RiverOak an LLC? And what is an LLC anyway?


The organisation that TDC is so keen on handing the Manston site to is not RiverOak Investment Corp LLC, but a subsidiary outfit registered in Delaware on 3rd July 2014 called RiverOak Aviation Associates LLC. I wondered why a company based in Connecticut would want to be registered some 300 miles away in Delaware. And I wondered what an LLC …

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How to do a CPO, properly.

Crichel House

Following a shameful scam by our government back in 1954 (The Crichel Down Affair) a set of rules were drawn up to prevent any repetition of this kind of institutional theft – The Crichel Down Rules. Of particular interest, given the proposed CPO-ing of the brownfield site at Manston by Thanet District Council, are paragraphs 16-23, starting on Page 6. …

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How to do Due Diligence, properly.


Courtesy of Glovers, “a leading firm of solicitors based in Central London”, here is Due Diligence for Dummies. This is the rigmarole that Thanet District Council (and indeed, any public body) should go through before entering into a commercial contractual relationship with any organisation. Specimen Due Diligence Checklist 1. CORPORATE DATA AND GROUP STRUCTURE Copies of all board minutes and …

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Manston Solved

Simple: TDC gets the District Valuer to value the Manston site, asap. TDC will have to get it valued if they want to CPO it (and they appear to be dead set on carrying out a CPO), and they should do it sooner rather than later – it might resolve their current predicament. If the value seems too low to …

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Official: Manston to close next week

Following yesterday’s rejection of the American bid, Manston’s management summoned their workers this morning to tell them that Manston will be closing on Thursday 15th May. Here’s their official statement (once again courtesy of the BBC’s Mark Norman).

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Manston bid rejected

Courtesy of the BBC’s Mark Norman (@BBCmarknorman) the latest development in the long-dragging saga of Manston’s decline and fall: My reading of this is that Ann Gloag has had enough of showing an interest in any bid pushed under her nose by well-meaning MPs and local dignitaries. I expect she’ll now focus on closing the airfield once the consultation period …

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Someone wants to know if you want night flights

The Save Manston Airport group are running a poll on their Facebook page to see how many people are for, and against, night flights. They are dissatisfied with the result of the Thanet-wide poll that TDC conducted, and feel that their Facebook thingummy might count for more. Personally, I attach about as much importance to this kind of poll as …

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