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CCC’s Regeneration Department

My favourite starfish

In the interests of spreading our love and help far and wide we (Mrs Earplugs and I) met up with some of the Canterbury people who will be dealing with Thanet District Council over the next few months while Infratil’s Masterplan is being goggled at.

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Brazier’s assertions

Telling it like it isn't

Following the horrifying revelation that one of our elected representatives has been misrepresenting us, I have unleashed the merciless Mrs Earplugs. Blessed with eternal youth, bionic implants and the ability to kick-box without scuffing her Manolo Blahnik's, Mrs E now has the bit firmly between her razor-sharp teeth. We're not at DefCon 5 (unbridled bloodlust), but she's getting that restless, questing look in her eyes.

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Recycling Manston Airport

Rearrange Kent International Airport

Itinerant oriental pork ant. Ran into proletarian kitten. Anoint potential errant irk. Better still, turn it into something more useful than an anagram...
One of the commonest uses for an old airport is as the foundations for a new airport. Understandably - if it's in the right place...

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Manston keeps failing. What next?

Controlled descent...

Infratil bought Manston for £17 million and are happy to spend £10-20 million on it before pulling the plug, so from their point of view KIA is small but far from trivial. Infratil's European airport investments are performing poorly. Infratil are big enough to take the hit by cross-subsidising, but not indefinitely.

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YES WE CAN: make it work

Profitable. Sustainable. Sound commercial proposition. Good corporate citizen. These are just some of the good things that happen when you work with, rather than against, those around you. It's not rocket science. It's not even science. It's sense.

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