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Albion Rovers, and why I fell out with Cameron

There are now just two weeks until the general election, and political parties have began to unveil their manifestos for how they believe the country should be governed. This week, Ukip’s challenger Piers Wauchope met reporter Aidan Barlow outside the party’s campaign office in Mortimer Street in Herne Bay ABOUT THE CANDIDATE Piers Wauchope is 58 and a barrister. He …

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Ukraine’s cruel reminder of my political awakening

Gale’s View by your MP Sir Roger Gale I was, before I became an MP, a television producer and director. One of the questions that I find myself frequently asked is why I gave up this “glamorous” and over-paid profession to seek election to Parliament. Events in Ukraine have a bearing upon the answer. In 1956 Imre Nagy became, for …

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