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Developers should make gesture to Bay

I MUST apologise for a mistake in my last letter (“A grammar school brings us no benefits”, June 4) Writing quickly and late at night I inadvertently put “secondary” when I meant “selective”. The first sentence of the second paragraph should have read “There are not 2,000 selective/grammar school children travelling every day from the coastal towns into Canterbury” which …

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A grammar schooI brings us no benefit

UNFORTUNATELY, I was unable to attend the meeting organised by the supporters of Barton Court’s proposal to move. Through your columns may I put some questions and comments to the organisers? How will a grammar school in Herne Bay regenerate the town? The proposed site is too far from the centre for pupils or staff to be able to visit …

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Far greater clarity on school places

I MUST take issue with Dr Klappa over several of his statements (Your Views, Moving school to Bay makes sense, February 6). If all points of view are taken very seriously why is anyone expressing opposition ridiculed or slapped down as we have seen both in the press and at the Herne Bay public meeting? Several people at that poorly …

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