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Carswell heads for the Bay in support of Ukip hopeful

Clacton-on-Sea victor and constituency candidate promoting party DOUGLAS Carswell, Ukip’s first elected MP, will speak at a public meeting at The King’s Hall in Herne Bay next month. He will be in town to support Piers Wauchope, Ukip’s parliamentary candidate for North Thanet, the constituency that includes Herne Bay. The theme for the event is Why Ukip? Also speaking will …

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Estuary Airport – hot potato, fig leaf, or white elephant?

Wise words from Paul Francis on the awful consequences of realpolitik and the persistence of dumb ideas. The sudden (re)launch of the estuary airport idea has more to do with Boris' mayoral election bid and recent unemployment figures than strategic infrastructure planning. And then there is the blind faith that an airport automatically translates into employment and regeneration. These apparently impulsive pronouncements from politicians rarely mention the downsides of aviation, and never touch on the fact that aviation itself does not have a long-term future - when the oil runs out, what use is an airport?

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