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You say (9)

#Manston #nightflights

My objections to night flights is for the noise we get from these low flying aircraft coming in to land it’s bad enough during the day.

Click to have your say in the Public Consultation on Night Flights

Dear Sirs,

I must protest about the proposed night flights we live in Cliffsend just south of the runway during the day when planes take off towards the east we cannot hear our television till they have passed over, when they take off to the west we have to put up with the smell of aviation fuel, when they arrive or take off in the night the noise wakes us both up, surely it cannot be right that we will suffer all night.

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Manston in damage limitation mode

Charles Buchanan doesn't think that the independent report into the effect of development at Manston "challenged" his claims over economic benefit and noise pollution. No, it rubbished them.

Click it to big itCharles Buchanan says "we employ a lot of people in Margate". According to the proposal, 17.1% of the "about 110" staff... 19 people.

Bob Bayford says "the people most motivated to respond are those who have a negative view".  Oh dear, Bob, what's happened to your faith in human nature? Surely you don't believe that people with a positive view (i.e. have fallen for the sales pitch) are all going to be apathetic?

Cllr Bayford continues: "there will be activists going around encouraging people to respond negatively"... Hmmm, I expect there will be airport executives (and maybe councillors?) going round encouraging people to respond positively, too... but that doesn't seem to bother Bob.

I wonder if Bob has tripped into the pre-determination trap.

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Man moves house, Manston issues press release

This seems to be another fine example of PR puffery in action. It appears that Mr McQuarrie was already "Group Manager Freight Development for both airports" - so it's unclear what he'll be doing that wasn't already in his job description. The only bit of news appears to be that is moving house from Scotland to Margate. Rather poignantly, he is another employee who tries to play up Manston's lack of business as an advantage: "no congestion".

Manston Airport’s ability to attract freight operators has been given a boost with the appointment of an experienced freight development manager - Allan McQuarrie, 46, joined Infratil in 2007 and until recently, has been based at their airport in Prestwick, Glasgow.

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Sir Roger Gale

Many years ago, I knew a Conservative MP who was knighted one New Year. He was rather glum about it, believing (correctly, as it turned out) that this was his Party’s way of saying Thank you… and goodbye. It was not a signal that his effort had been recognised and rewarded, and that greater efforts were hoped for. No, it …

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Clive Hart, night flights and pre-election pledges

Here's a snippet from a recent interview with Clive Hart shortly after he managed to take leadership of the Council from Bob Bayford. The rest of the article, which you can read by clicking the link below, covers a wide range of topics of interest to Margate, Ramsgate and the rest of the Thanet.

This excerpt is about night flights, and is therefore of interest to a lot of North East Kent. I think Clive Hart is being overly cautious about the tricky question of predetermination, which is fine. What I am more concerned about is his apparent inability to deliver the whole of his party when it comes to a vote on night flights.

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Yanks for the memory

Ah yes, there are those who go misty-eyed at the memory of the USAF and their fantastically noisy jets at Manston. It appears that the memory is selective...

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Thanet Movies

Charlie Buchanan And The Chocolate Factory The Manston With The Golden Gun Merry Christmas, St Lawrence The Spy Who Loved Margate Laura Sandys: Tomb Raider From Ramsgate With Love The Bayford Ultimatum Thanet Is Not Enough Casino Royal Sands Dial M For Margate The Quexorcist … any more?

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Herne Bay’s political future

The boundaries of the electoral wards are being redrawn, in the hope of making the constituencies more uniform in size. As a by-product of the exercise, we’ll end up with slightly fewer MPs. Our beloved Roger Gale will find that his consituency has been cut in two: here’s what they have in mind for Herne Bay end:  and here’s what …

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Manston boss and KCC make bid to government for east Kent regeneration cash

The second RGF funding bid

Manston airport's chief executive has called on the Government to recognise east Kent's economic problems when allocating the next round of Regional Growth Fund cash. Charles Buchanan is working with Kent County Council to submit an improved bid after a previous application for £10 million was rejected by the team in charge of distributing the £1.4 billion pot.

The Manston bid was for a parkway railway station serving the airport, an extension of the high-speed rail network between Ramsgate and Ashford, and cash to fund a daily air service to an undisclosed "European hub" airport. But the application was dealt a further blow last week when Lord Michael Heseltine - chairman of the RGF inependent advisory panel - hinted at a roadshow in Margate that Kent bids were at a disadvantage because the county's residents can travel short distances to London for work.

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