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Paying for Sturry

Here’s what our new housing estates look like [Draft Local Plan 1.57]: Hillborough Site – 1000 dwellings; Employment floor space 33,000sqm (Altira Park, extended); local shopping only; doctor’s surgery; community facilities. New link to Thanet Way via Altira Park and limited access to Sweechbridge Road; provision of new west-facing on-slip to Thanet Way at the Heart-in-Hand junction; measures to discourage …

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Local Plan – Herne Bay, Greenhill

This is the site just south of Briary School.  There isn’t (yet) a detailed map, only the dotted pink outline on a larger map. This is shown below, where you can see the Greenhill site in relation to the Golf Club and Strode Farm sites.

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Local Plan: grey area at Greenhill

Land at Greenhill would include 600 homes according to the Local Plan. The vaguest of the four strategic development sites proposed for Herne Bay says it would include community facilities “to be determined”. A series of allotments and leisure facilities would also be built. Developers would need to contribute to a Herne relief route at Strode Farm. HB Gazette 9th …

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