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Aviation minister unclear on Manston airport site ownership

Aviation minister Robert Goodwill, (left) and government deputy aviation policy adviser Ben Smith Comments (0) AVIATION minister Robert Goodwill MP has told the Transport Select Committee he is not clear who owns the Manston airport site. The minister gave evidence at a hearing today (Monday) alongside the Department for Transport’s deputy aviation policy adviser Ben Smith. Committee members grilled the pair on …

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Brazier’s assertions

Telling it like it isn't

Following the horrifying revelation that one of our elected representatives has been misrepresenting us, I have unleashed the merciless Mrs Earplugs. Blessed with eternal youth, bionic implants and the ability to kick-box without scuffing her Manolo Blahnik's, Mrs E now has the bit firmly between her razor-sharp teeth. We're not at DefCon 5 (unbridled bloodlust), but she's getting that restless, questing look in her eyes.

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