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Pssst – want to buy an airport?

The airport's global infrastructure owners have told the Chief Executive to prepare for a sale this year. The current market for airports is rather glum, so they'll be using some cunning financial ploys to ensure they're ready for when the market picks up.

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What it’s like living with City Airport

Think before you fly

In 2009 Newham residents Dot and Barry Palmer were invited to give a speech at City Hall about life under London City Airport. The airport has been granted planning permission to further raise the limit on the number of flights – from 73,000 to 120,000 per year. [This is Charles Buchanan's legacy - he is proud of having got this through without a Public Inquiry.]

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Surely we can trust Infratil’s numbers?

Infratil (who own Manston) also own Prestwick Airport near Glasgow. In autumn 2008 Infratil’s forecast for passenger numbers at Prestwick was 5.7 million by 2018 and 12 million by 2033...

Almost immediately, freight and passenger business plummeted, and Prestwick ran at a loss for the rest of the year. Shortly after that, 50 staff lost their job. By autumn 2010, passenger business had fallen so much that another 120 staff had been made redundant... so much for Infratil’s forecasts.

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BBC: Biased Broadcast Coverage?

Yesterday saw the official launch of Manston's latest bid to stuff our ears full of planes, round the clock. Charles Buchanan got favourable coverage on BBC TV, and uncritical coverage on BBC Radio Kent. Not everybody is pleased...

I saw the news today and felt like hitting the idiot who claims 3000 jobs will be created. What about the thousands of people who will have interrupted sleep and just do not want this????? I feel so angry and helpless.

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Manston could help ease strain of games

Clipping: thisiskent

Bosses at Manston airport have revealed they are in talks with Olympic officials such as organising committee chairman Seb Coe to give the airport a role in the 2012 London games. Chief executive Matt Clarke believes the airport’s location and facilities will mean it can be used to fly in athletes, fans and equipment to the London gamese the inevitable strain placed on Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted and London City airports in 2012.

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