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Herne Bay parking: now we’ll get 10 minutes’ grace

Not so quick! Motorists now have 10 minutes’ grace on their parking tickets Comments (0) Drivers who overstay their parking tickets are to be given a period of grace before picking up a fine. Anyone who stays parked 10 minutes over their allotted time in off-street or on-street council parking spots will not be fined for that period. It is reported …

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Panel should meet on public

Last Thursday, councillors gave their support to changing the way our district is run. Council overwhelmingly backed a motion calling for a committee system – which would mean an end to the executive-style of local government in the Canterbury district. This motion now goes to the council’s political management member panel for consideration. The panel is made up of councillors …

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Council gerrymandering: Oh no we won’t! Oh yes they have.

Two months after saying that they would not submit any proposals in the boundary change consultation, our beloved leaders have, er, done just that. A quick reminder: the Local Government Boundaries Commission for England (LGBCE) has been invited by our Council to review our local government arrangements. The LGBCE is looking at the number of wards, the boundaries and names …

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Tories step back over new boundaries

Conservative members of Canterbury City Council have stepped back from making a formal proposal to the Boundary Commission about planned new ward boundaries across the district. The Local Government Boundary Commission for England is asking for people’s views on the subject. Following a six-week public consultation, the commission announced it may recommend the council has 38 councillors in the future, …

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