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Labour decries ‘undemocratic, incompetent’ ward boundary changes

The Labour group say the proposals are biased. The LibDems said the proposals are undemocratic. The truth is that the proposals are now best described as “not applicable”. The changes proposed by Canterbury City Council, and accepted by the LGBCE, were explicitly based on the assumption that the Council would be operating under a “leader-and-cabinet” system. It looks increasingly likely …

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When “Fair” isn’t fair

Commentary from Dave Wilson

In a functioning democracy there should be little dispute about the need for the equality of each person's vote, nor about what constitutes that "equality". But, after reading Clive Church's comments last week on the boundary commission (LGBCE) review of Canterbury Council's wards, I have come to realise that the LGBCE has a very narrow view of what equality means in practice (download their guidance notes), and I have come to see that their definition works to the detriment of accountable local government in Canterbury district.

Equality of votes

To begin with, the LGBCE has a statutory obligation to deliver equality of votes. They see that as being about "fairness", defined by them as being "when one elector's vote is worth the same as another's." But their view of how "worth" is judged is most peculiar.

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Council gerrymandering: Oh no we won’t! Oh yes they have.

Two months after saying that they would not submit any proposals in the boundary change consultation, our beloved leaders have, er, done just that. A quick reminder: the Local Government Boundaries Commission for England (LGBCE) has been invited by our Council to review our local government arrangements. The LGBCE is looking at the number of wards, the boundaries and names …

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Tories step back over new boundaries

Conservative members of Canterbury City Council have stepped back from making a formal proposal to the Boundary Commission about planned new ward boundaries across the district. The Local Government Boundary Commission for England is asking for people’s views on the subject. Following a six-week public consultation, the commission announced it may recommend the council has 38 councillors in the future, …

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Councillors to be cut by a quarter

That’s a quarter OF them, not OFF them.   Normal   0           false   false   false     EN-GB   X-NONE   X-NONE                                        MicrosoftInternetExplorer4                                      Here’s an attack …

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