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Empty promises: just rinse and recycle

Kitewood, the creators of Altira Tumbleweed Park, want to recycle their unused "Blacksole Bridge commitment" as a lever for winning another planning consent, thus reducing their average costs to half-an-imaginary-bridge per consent. The photo accompanying the Gazette article shows the outline of the area covered by the planning consent Kitewood want. It's huge.

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Blacksole Bridge is a daily risk

Call for footbridge at crossing

A busy road bridge has been described as a "death trap" by a Beltinge walking group. Blacksole Bridge, which links Altira Business Park and Beltinge, has no footpath, but is the only pedestrian access across the railway line.

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Obvious need for a safe solution

Canterbury City Council Development Brief for Land West of Mill Lane, 16th February 2006, says: Consideration should also be given to improvements at the Blacksole Bridge over the railway to assist pedestrians and cyclists using this route, it is noted, however, that provision of a pedestrian bridge is a requirement of Blacksole Farm development. Improvements to the bus shelter in …

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Blacksole Bridge: Obvious in 2004

The road is particularly hazardous for pedestrians crossing Blacksole Bridge to the North East of the site.  Blacksole Bridge does not have pavements but is the only means of pedestrian access over the railway line from the site to Herne Bay and local facilities and is currently well used by Broomfield residents via the Thanet Way underpass.

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