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‘Most extraordinary result seen in British politics for 100 years’

Ukip storms to victory in European elections UKIP has taken the lion’s share of the vote in the’tanterbury and Swale districts for the European elections. Polls closed on Thursday evening and the count for Canterbury took place at the Kings Hall in Herne Bay on Sunday. Nigel Farage’s party, which already has two members on Canterbury City Council and 17 …

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The important thing is to cast your vote

THE European Elections are taking place on Thursday. Vote. These elections, which happen every five years, give every European citizen a chance to have a say on how the EU is run. In the next five years your MEPs will be debating and voting on laws which will have a serious impact on our lives. Though, of course, I want …

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Air pollution is not taken very seriously

I AM urging local authorities in areas hit by air pollution to do all they can to cut the health risks of this smog. In Paris the authorities are making public transport free as they recognise the dangers of high levels of air pollution. Local authorities must do everything in their power to cut the air pollution levels, and in …

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Councils will not be bribed into fracking

THE Government is looking increasingly desperate in its attempts to impose fracking on a population that’s saying no. Less than a quarter of us now support fracking in Britain and even the Chancellor himself admits it would have a minimal effect on energy bills. Yet the Prime Minister is trying to bribe local councils to allow fracking, by offering financial …

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We love Keith Taylor…

Many thanks for your e-mail about night flights at Kent International Airport and sincere apologies for the delay in getting back to you. I receive a large volume of correspondence on a daily basis and it sometimes takes longer than I would like to respond. Please be assured that this is an issue I am extremely concerned about for many of the reasons you raise in your e-mail and I shall be raising my concerns in the public consultation once it finally starts. I have also signed the 'No Night Flights' petition.

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