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Partisan view on choosing a party

Dylan Hampshire (Who To Vote For Is The Big Question, Letters and Opinion, Herne Bay Gazette, January 22) takes an interesting non-partisan view on the May elections for the city council. I cannot be so dispassionate, but I hope I can help him and other readers with a similar dilemma by providing a point of view. Firstly, the local Conservatives …

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Labour decries ‘undemocratic, incompetent’ ward boundary changes

The Labour group say the proposals are biased. The LibDems said the proposals are undemocratic. The truth is that the proposals are now best described as “not applicable”. The changes proposed by Canterbury City Council, and accepted by the LGBCE, were explicitly based on the assumption that the Council would be operating under a “leader-and-cabinet” system. It looks increasingly likely …

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Solving problems or chasing votes?

A piece of my mind TV writer, author and local campaigner Julie Wassmer gives her views TANKERTON city councillor Neil Baker wrote to me about the new Facebook community page, 1Way4Whit. debating a one way road system for Whitstable. Here’s a shortened version of my response. HAVING lived in Whitstable for over 15 years I’ve had time to consider what …

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Making allowances

Council leader John Gilbey once again tops the table for take-home pay among city councillors, new allowances figures show. Mr Gilbey, who represents Blean Forest, earned £32,382, more than half of which came from his special allowance of £21,361 as council boss. The Tory’s expenses included £2,000 in mileage and £570 for his mobile phone. Conservative vice chairman of the …

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Petition to keep depots launched

Over 250 sign to save postal delivery offices CAMPAIGNERS battling to save postal delivery offices have been overwhelmed with support. More than 260 signed a petition in an hour on Saturday to keep depots in Whitstable and Herne Bay. Among the supporters are the city council’s Labour leader, Julia Seath from Whitstable and Steve Furber, chairman of Whitstable Labour Club. Mr Furber …

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Operatic society application turned down

An application by Herne Bay Operatic Society to use its base in the town for social events and as classrooms for foreign students has been rejected by the city council. The refusal by members of the development control committee on Tuesday night prompted a chorus of approval by neighbouring residents who had turned out in force at the meeting to …

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Freedom from choice

Nice to be Mayor, to be Mayor, nice!The next Lord Mayor is a shoo-in. Of course. And not everybody's happy about it. Of course.

So, the Canterbury City Conservatives have "arranged" a smooth transition from one Lord Mayor to the next. Please don't be surprised or disappointed by the absence of consultation - it seems to be their style. They may have a grudging admiration for the Soviet era ballots with 99% turnout and 100% agreement. I expect the North Korean style of compulsory consistent consensus is an inspiration to our own Precious Leader, Jonji-il Bi. But when it comes down to it, is anyone bothered which councillors fill the roles of Lord Mayor and Sheriff? Wouldn't it be smarter to choose the most photogenic and media-savvy people from the district, regardless of whether they're councillors?

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